Quick! Think about the last drawing or painting you made. Now imagine selling that art for more than $100,000! That’s what 10-year-old Andres Valencia has been doing for the past year.

This kid painter lives in San Diego, California. He started making art when he was 4. People have been paying a lot for his paintings recently. In fact, one painting sold for $159,000!

Andres creates portraits, or images of people. But the people in Andres’s art don’t look like they do in real life.

Some experts say his art reminds them of the work of Pablo Picasso. Both artists use bright colors and shapes like triangles, cubes, and circles. Andres is often called “little Picasso.”

“Art makes me happy because it has no rules and you can do whatever you want,” Andres says. “I enjoy bringing new ideas to the world!”