You can’t spell planet without A, N, and T! (all images)

Planet of the Ants

A new study uncovers the number of ants on Earth— and it will shock you!

Wherever you are right now, ants are probably very close. You can find them inside trees, under the playground, and maybe even in your kitchen. These insects are crawling around almost everywhere.

But how many ants are on our planet? For many years, scientists weren’t sure. They couldn’t count every ant! Now, though, they think they have found the answer.

Scientists calculated the number of ants using data from different countries. That data helped scientists make an estimate, or a careful guess. 

They say there are more than 20 quadrillion ants. That’s 20 followed by 15 zeros. In other words, for each living human, there are about 2.5 million ants!

All those ants might sound gross, but they’re good for our planet! Why? Ants are important for the environment. 

Ants dig tunnels that help plants get the water and air they need to grow. Ants move seeds, spreading plants to new places. And they even hunt some of the insects that hurt the crops humans need for food. So next time you spot ants, thank them. Well, maybe not all 20 quadrillion of them—that would take years!

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