Australian flag and a mountain in the Australian desert

Uluru is a 1,142-foot-high rock that rises out of the flat desert.

What's Up, World? Australia 

Learn about life in this country “down under.”

Welcome to Australia! This nation is sometimes called the “Land Down Under.” Why? It’s on a continent that’s below or “under” the equator.

Australia is famous for natural wonders, like Bondi Beach, with its waves perfect for surfing. This country is also well-known for its wildlife, such as kangaroos and koalas. But it’s quolls that are making headlines lately.

Aussie Ark

A quoll joey

Quolls are marsupials. In the past, cats and foxes killed many of the quolls in Australia. But the country has moved to protect them. With help, the number of quolls is rising. In September, 28 joeys, or babies, were born in a protected wildlife area.

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Fun and Games

Karl Phillipson/Optikal/Alamy Stock Photo

Cricket is a popular sport in Australia, and it is usually played in the summer. It’s a bat-and-ball game, like baseball. But the rules are different. There are two teams with 11 players each. And instead of a diamond, they have an oval-shaped field.


SNAICC/National Voice for our Children/Sarah Francis

Australians celebrate Children’s Day on August 4. It honors the cultures of Indigenous Australian kids through dancing, storytelling, concerts, and other fun activities.

Creature Feature

Hiroya Minakuchi/Minden Pictures

Kangaroos, like quolls, are marsupials. They’re known for being great hoppers that love wide-open spaces. They live in deserts and grasslands, and can travel as far as 25 feet in one jump!

Let's Eat! 

Vegemite is an Australian favorite. The brown spread is made from yeast, which makes bread rise. Vegemite is salty and bitter. People like it on toast.

Look At This! 

The Sydney Opera House is a famous center for performing arts like ballet and the circus. The pointy roof was designed to look like giant shells.

Say Hello

Most Australians speak English, but they say things differently down under. “G’day, mate!” is one way to say hello to a friend. Try it!

  1. What is the meaning of the nickname “Land Down Under”? 
  2. How are the sports of cricket and baseball alike? How are they different? 
  3. Based on the article, photos, and captions, what might people do on a visit to Australia? 
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