Should Summer Break Be Shorter?

Illustration by Leo Trinidad; Debate photos courtesy of families

Not everyone has a long summer vacation. More than 3,500 schools in the U.S. have started using something called a balanced calendar. Their students go to school the same number of days they always did. But summer break is shorter, and they get two-week breaks throughout the year.

Some people say shorter breaks help students not to forget what they learn. Other people argue that a longer break gives kids a better chance to recharge.

Here’s what two of our readers think.

This is my first year following a balanced calendar. I like it. Before I was out of the classroom long enough to forget things I’d learned.

This schedule helps me feel more connected with my classmates and teachers. I missed them every summer.

Though the break was shorter, I still enjoyed the summer. I visited my grandparents and went to water parks!

After a full year of school, students deserve a long break as a reward for all of their hard work!

Having summers off gives more time to travel with family. Summer is when I get to enjoy my favorite sports—like swimming. If I were in school, I’d have less time for these activities.

Also, kids can avoid falling behind by reading to prepare for the school year.

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