I Can Do Anything!

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I might see differently than other kids, but I don’t let that limit me! 

When I was born, my eyes hadn’t formed properly. I see things clearly only if they’re right in front of me. Anything that’s too far away or off to the side is either blurry or not visible.

But I’ve never let my eyesight stop me from reaching my goals. That includes playing in my first football game last year. 

At first, my mom wouldn’t let me play. She thought it was dangerous. But then she remembered all the other challenges I’d overcome. After all, I play basketball and baseball. 

My parents signed me up for youth football last summer. I did a good job at tryouts, and I was the second person chosen for my team. 

Later that season, I was named one of the team captains because of my leadership and talent. I made new friends and got even more confidence. 

My coach gave me the nickname “Vision.” Even though I don’t have perfect eyesight, I have a clear vision of what I want out of life. I think vision is better than sight! 

Football isn’t the only thing I love to do. My parents helped me start my own clothing line called Vision 2020. I’m also writing a book about my life. I hope it inspires other kids!

Isaiah and his dad run through a football play.

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