What's Up, World?: Mexico

Learn what everyday life is like in this nation next door.

Imagine you live in Mexico and you just woke up. “¡Buenos días!” (BWEH-nos DEE-ahss) That’s how you say “good morning” in Spanish.

Breakfast is your favorite meal— beans with rice, and tea. Because it’s Saturday, you don’t have school. After you eat, your little sister asks you to watch Cleo & Cuquin with her. It’s a TV show about using your imagination to have fun.

Your abuelo (ah-BWEH-loh), or grandfather, lives with you. He’s promised to teach you how to play jai alai (hiy uh-liy) when you’re older. That superfast sport is tricky for kids. So you spend an hour playing soccer with your amigos, or friends.

Hungry for lunch? It’s the biggest meal of the day. After sharing grilled chicken and tortillas with the whole family, you take a siesta, or nap.

Don’t forget! Your cousin’s birthday party is tonight. You hope she’ll have a piñata filled with Vero Mango. Those mango-flavored lollipops covered in chili powder are delicious.

Keep reading to learn more about Mexico. How does it compare with your community?

Help Wanted


This axolotl (AK-suh-laht-uhl) is native to lakes in Mexico. Its habitat is in danger, and scientists are needed to help the species survive.

Let's Eat


Street food served from carts or food trucks is popular in Mexico. Favorite street food includes tacos, tamales, and quesadillas. Yum!


Gerardo Vieyra/picture alliance via Getty Images

A holiday called Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is celebrated from October 31 until November 2. To honor dead relatives, people put on skeleton costumes and dance in parades!

Fun and Games

Larry French/Getty Images

Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico. But baseball is a favorite too. This boy is on the Mexican team playing in a recent Little League World Series.

1. What is one birthday tradition in Mexico?

2. List three facts about Mexico that you can learn from the map.

3. Based on the article, what is street food? What are some examples?

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