Using Text-to-Speech

Scholastic News offers two kinds of audio Text-to-Speech support to assist students in their reading.

Text-to-Speech in Presentation View

When you open your magazine in Presentation View to project for whole-class instruction, you’ll see a Read Aloud button in the toolbar at the top of the page. Click that button and the text will begin to be read aloud.

You have the option to pause, play, or slow down the Read Aloud audio. And if you click on any word in the article, the Read Aloud audio will pick up from that point.

Text-to-Speech in HTML Articles

We also have Text-to-Speech audio in our more traditional online-news format. To use it, just click the Text-to-Speech icon in the toolbar on the left.

A Scholastic News article page

You’ll have the same options to pause, play, or slow down the audio. And you can force the audio to pick up wherever you like by clicking on a word in the article.