Courtesy of Muscular Dystrophy Association

I Make People Smile!

Ethan LyBrand, 10, of Alabama tells how he has helped lift people’s spirits during a tough time.

Last spring, a terrible virus called Covid-19 began spreading. Many people have had to stay home and out of school to avoid getting it. Being away from family or friends made them sad and lonely.

I wanted to cheer up those people. So I started Joke of the Day. Every day, I recorded a joke—then I shared it on social media.

I know that laughter is important during tough times. I have a disease called muscular dystrophy, which makes my muscles very weak. I often need a wheelchair to get around. To deal with hard days, my family jokes around a lot. In fact, I get my best jokes from my dad!

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is an amazing group that’s working to find a cure for my disease. The MDA helped me share my jokes on their social media. People all over the world loved them. They said, “Thank you for making us smile!”

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