Courtesy of Kelly Jones

I Got the Best Surprise!

Daniel Hunt, 9, recently lost his Tennessee home in a fire. He describes the amazing way his classmates reached out to help.

One September day, I was at home with my mom. I was playing on my tablet while my mom made lunch. Suddenly, a fire started by the stove! It was super scary. My mom called 911 and sent me to my aunt’s house across the road.

The firefighters did their best. But the fire destroyed our home and everything in it. Our furniture and clothes were gone. Even my glasses and my toys burned up. I was glad we were safe, but I was sad that we lost all our stuff.

Courtesy of Kelly Jones

This is the moment when the class surprised Daniel.

We moved in with my relatives. A few days later, I went back to school. I was in for a big surprise. My third-grade class at Philadelphia Elementary School had collected a whole pile of toys and other things for me. There were board games, a football, gift cards, and a lot more. And they made me a big card to cheer me up.

When I saw what my friends did for me, it felt like my brain filled with fireworks. I felt so happy. We gave each other a big group hug. I really love my school and all my classmates!

How could you brighten someone’s day?

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