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The History of Minecraft

You enter a world of mountains and forests made of blocks. You’re mining for bricks to build a home when some creepers appear. Luckily, you have a diamond sword to fight them off.

Sound familiar? If so, you’re probably a Minecraft fan. Since this game was released 10 years ago, more than 176 million copies have been sold. Here are three reasons experts think Minecraft has changed the way the world plays video games.

1. It has no rules

The goal in Minecraft isn’t to score points or complete a quest. Instead, players can build almost anything they can imagine. And no one wins or loses. “That’s really the magic of Minecraft,” says video game expert Mizuko Ito.

2. It encourages teamwork

Experts say the game brings people together. Players can work together to create Minecraft worlds with friends—whether they are across the street or on the other side of the planet.

3. It's used in schools.

Teachers use Minecraft to explore all kinds of topics. For example, students can build a replica of the White House as they learn about government. They can build a Minecraft galaxy as they study space.

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