Courtesy of Frogs & Friends

This Frog Is As Big As a Cat!

This photo isn’t fake. It shows a real frog—the biggest kind of frog on Earth. Goliath frogs can weigh more than 7 pounds and measure a foot long. Scientists recently discovered these frogs are superstrong construction workers! 

Heavy Lifters

Like other amphibians, goliath frogs lay their eggs in water. But last year, a team of scientists noticed something interesting. Goliath frogs don’t just look around for a pool of water, the way most frogs do. Instead, they build their own.

To make a safe spot for their eggs, goliath frogs use their powerful legs to dig wet holes near rivers. They clear out leaves and gravel. They even move rocks that weigh more than 4 pounds! The frogs put the rocks in a circle around the edge of the pool to protect their young.

“These frogs are amazing,” says Marvin Schäfer, who led the team. “They have to be this giant to move these massive rocks.”

Danger Zone

You won’t find goliath frogs in your local pond, however. They live only in rainforests in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, two countries in Africa. And scientists say these frogs are an endangered species. Their numbers are dropping because people hunt them for meat and cut down their forest homes.

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