Courtesy of Family

What do you love to do? For me, it's baking. I've been making sweet treats since I was just 3. When I turned 8, I started my own business, Very Cherry Bakery.

Running a bakery is a big job. To get started, I took a business class and got a license from my city that lets me sell food. Now customers order cookies, cheesecakes, and other treats for weddings and parties. I work hard all week to fill their orders. My mom and dad often help me deliver the treats. And my little sister, Mihr, is my taste tester. If she gives a treat a thumbs-up, I know it's good.

I usually put the money I earn from my bakery in the bank. I plan to use it to go to cooking school someday. But last spring, I decided to do something a little different with my profits. I donated $150 to my school to help pay for lunches for kids in need. It felt really good to help. I plan to do it again!