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I Make Comic Books!

Bryce Bullock (comic); William Bretzger/The News Journal via USA TODAY NETWORK (Bryce Bullock)

Meet Bryce Bullock. This 10-year-old creates comics at home in Delaware. Here’s Bryce’s story in his own words.

Do you love reading comics? I do! But last year, I noticed something. Very few characters were African American. I decided to help change that. I created my own comic book series.

I made superheroes based on my own family. The two main heroes are a father-and-son team, like my dad and me. I called them Daddy Long Legs and the Inchworm. These heroes battle all kinds of villains. In one book, they face an evil character called Hot Garbage who spews trash all over the place.

It takes me about two months to create a book. First, I come up with the idea. Then I draw the art, sometimes with help from my dad, and write the story and dialogue. (Dialogue is what the characters say.) I love drawing because I can make cool action scenes. But writing is cool too.   

So far, I have published two comic books. My plan is to make 10 in all!

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